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Created on: 03.09.2015      Updated on: 27.02.2018


Database. A database is a collection of records of structured information, over which the software solution performs operations required by user (display, search, delete, update, and others).


Microsoft Word file format. File type of DOC and DOCX files are part of the Office suite Microsoft Office. Format used for creation of documents and processing of various texts, with the possibility to insert pictures, charts and graphs, eventually creation of a simple graphic elements.

El. form

Electronic form (eForm) is an electronic solution to obtain input information (application, submissions) for electronic services provided by public authorities.

eGov service

Service provided by public authorities electronically using the information and communication tools. For the area of e-government, these are the services of public interest.

eGov services in specific life situations of a citizen or entrepreneur realizes the electronic environment performance of public administration to the citizen or entrepreneur.

eGov service also records the communication process of citizens or an entrepreneur with a public authority which is under its responsibility under the relevant legislation.


eGovernment is electronic performance of public administration by the means of information and communication technologies (ICTs) in the processes of public authorities. In these processes there is on-line communication:

  • G2B - Government to Business
  • G2C - Government to Citizen
  • G2E – Government to Employee
  • G2G – Government to Government


The project "Electronisation of services of the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic" co-financed by the Operational Programme Informatisation of Society.


Services for Entrepreneurs (Government to Business). These are the services that are provided by public authorities for entrepreneurs, small trade licensees, organizations and other legal entities.


Services for Citizens (Government to Citizen). The consumers of G2C services are the citizens. These services are provided by public authorities.


Services between the institutions of the public administration (Government to Government). The consumers and also the providers of G2G services are public authorities. These are the services, when one institution of the public administration requires the service of another institution of the public administration, because it does not provide such a service, or it provides the service over another set of information.


Information and communication technologies. Among these technologies, it is possible to include all the technical means used to communicate and work with the information. These include hardware elements, as well as software.


Integrated information system of the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic.


Information system. IS is the system for the collection, maintenance, processing and provision of information, which can be automated, or can be in paper version form. Automated IS is ensured by the means of information and technical tools to achieve the highest quality in the shortest possible time.


Public administration information system (PAIS). ISVS is an information system used by the institution of the public administration to communicate with citizens, or legal entities and other institutions.


Information technology. Among IT can be included every electronic device which works with information.

Legal entity

Legal entity is an organization of persons or property that is created for a specific purpose and objective law confers it its own legal personality. Typically, this is business, organization, foundation, which is capable of the rights and obligations, thus has a legal personality.


The Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic. MoF SR is one of the central bodies of the State administration of the Slovak Republic, whose main purpose is the supervision of public finances and the pursuit of good financial status and prosperity of Slovakia.


The Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic. MoE SR is the central authority of the State administration for industry, energy, heat, oil and gas industry, mining and treatment of solid fuels, promotion of small and medium-sized enterprises, the strategy for the business environment, internal and foreign trade, and others.


National Agency for Development of Small and Medium Enterprises, see SBA.


National Agency for Development of Small and Medium Enterprises, see SBA.

Natural person

In jurisprudence, a natural person is an individual person, a human being, who has granted the right to be a party (ies) of legal relationship by the law through its legal capacity. It is irrelevant whether it is a citizen of the State of residence, foreigner or a homeless.


A non-refundable financial contribution.


The National Concept of eGovernment is a strategic document drafted by the Ministry of Finance of Slovak Republic, which addresses the principles of the building of eGovernment and introduction of electronic services in Slovakia. The document builds on the National eGovernment Strategy and sets the principles, priorities and architecture of integrated information systems in public administration in order to safeguard their flawless interoperability and independence from technology platforms.


Qualified electronic signature. QES according to Act no. 215/2002 Coll. on electronic signature is an electronic signature that meets the requirements pursuant to § 3 and § 4, and the NBU (NSA) Decree no 136/2009 Coll. on the method and procedure of using the electronic signature in business and administrative relations.


The Slovak Investment and Trade Development Agency (SARIO) is a state contributory organization of the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic funded from the state budget.

The mission of the agency is to design and use all kinds of stimuli to increase the influx of foreign investment while promoting Slovak companies in their effort to transform into high-performance subjects successful in the globalized world market.


Slovak Business Agency (formerly NADSME, NARMSP). Slovak Business Agency (until 28 February 2014 NARMSP) in SR is crucial and oldest specialized institution for promoting SMEs. It was founded in 1993 by a joint initiative of the EU and the Government . It is a unique platform of public and private sector.


Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency (SIEA).


Small and medium-sized entrepreneurs. Enterprise is an entity that has an economic activity, regardless of its legal form. These entities are mostly self-employed persons and family businesses engaged in crafts or other activities, and general commercial partnerships (v.o.s.) or associations which are regularly engaged in an economic activity. The category of small and medium-sized enterprises is made up of enterprises which employ fewer than 250 persons and whose annual turnover does not exceed 50 million EUR and/or an annual balance sheet total does not exceed 43 million EUR. A small business is defined as an enterprise which employs fewer than 50 persons and whose annual turnover or annual balance sheet total does not exceed 10 million EUR.


Software. In Computer Science it is a set of all the computer programs used on the computer. We know the system software, which ensures operation of the computer itself and its contact with the environment and application software with which works either the computer user or ensures the control of some machine.


Central Government Portal (web portal www.slovensko.sk). CGP provides central and unified access to information resources and services of public administration. Information (advice, instructions, descriptions), the visitor is looking for, are currently very much part of the information servers of individual organizations. The aim of this portal is to integrate these information and services and to provide them in clear and accessible form to users.


Public administration. Public administration is the activity carried out by state authorities, local governments and public institutions to ensure public tasks.


Microsoft Excel file format. XLS and XLSX files are part of the Office suite Microsoft Office. Format used to record the data in the form of rows and columns and for the processing of various texts, with the possibility to insert pictures, charts and graphs, eventually creation of a simple graphic elements.


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