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ES09 Registration for events organized by the Slovak Business Agency

Created on: 03.09.2015     Updated on: 21.08.2020

The Slovak Business Agency (SBA) organizes various events for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and for those interested in entrepreneurship. These events are aimed at increasing SME competitiveness. Events may be organized in the form of seminars, workshops, consultancy days or information days, trainings or conferences on various topics.
Within the service, SMEs and those interested in entrepreneurship have the opportunity to submit an application for an event electronically.

Administrative fees
Administrative fees are not required. Additional fees may be required by provider or other third party for participation in selected event.

The application does not require an attachmens.


Business, Citizen


When using the service, please, follow this procedure:

  • View the list of upcoming events organized by the SBA.
  • Submit an application for selected event using an electronic form (available from the detail of selected event or from a separate option for submitting an application located in the right menu of the screen).
  • Receive the confirmation of your application to your electronic mailbox (www.slovensko.sk).
  • Participate in the selected event.
  • Submit feedback – express your satisfaction with the event using an electronic form.

Electronic service manual
Electronic manual [.pdf, 1,65 MB]

Service options



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